We are overjoyed to announce that FURRR 911 will be bringing their Ambassador Cats Noodle and TumbleLina to the festival!

Come and meet these two very special cats and learn more about FUIRRR 911 as you spend time with these two kitties.


FURRR 911 is a feline only 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue located in Westchester County, NY, that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of sick, injured, and feral kittens.

Specializing in bottle babies, critically ill or injured, special needs, and feral kittens (the “perfectly imperfect”), they take in those that others pass by, nurse them back to health, and search for homes where they will blossom.

FURRR 911 believes that all creatures deserve the chance to be loved – some just need that special touch.

Noodle and TumbleLina, FURRR 911 and Pawsitive Jewelry will all be located inside the attached tent room just off the main ballroom at the festival.

Pawsitive Jewelry with Laura Ensel and Deb Fruendt is based in Ossining, NY and make handcrafted cat/dog/holiday themed jewelry using quality materials at an affordable price. If you want, they could also offer doubly terminated quartz crystals that they collect themselves.

PAWSitive Jewelry donates 100% of all the money they raise to animal rescue groups including FURRR 911. 

With the help from the funds raised by PAWSitive Jewelry and generous donations from others, FURRR 911 is able to continue helping at risk felines in Westchester County.

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal” – Vicki Davis

For more information, visit: www.FURRR911.org and www.facebook.com/PAWSitiveJewelry  



When TumbleLina was a kitten, she was found at a local shelter with a yellow paper attached to her cage door authorizing her to be euthanized for “not being able to walk”. 

Luckily, our founder Marie, wandered into the shelter that day and noticed her in a cage without food, water, or litter. 

Marie recognized that TumbleLina probably had Cerebellar hypoplasia (CH).  This is a neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems.  CH, also known as “Wobbly Cat Syndrome” is not painful or contagious.  It does not get worse as the animal ages. 

FURRR 911 arranged for TumbleLina to leave the shelter that day.  She quickly dazzled everyone with her resilient and amazing personality.  She has a moderate case of CH and can get around relatively well when she is determined. 

As one of our Ambassador Cats, TumbleLina attends adoption events to call attention to the fact that "special needs" cats ARE perfect companions!



Noodle was found crying and bleeding profusely in a garbage can in Queens.

He had been used as bait in a dog fight.

His nose and upper lip were bitten off.  There were also wounds on his leg, paw, and tail.

He was only four months old.  

A veterinary trauma surgeon stepped up and performed the facial reconstruction that was necessary to save his life.  Noodle had a strong will to live but still needed someone to nurse him through a long and difficult recovery.   

At the time, FURRR 911 was new, poorly funded, but with a belief that all kittens deserve the chance to live and be loved.  So with a major snowstorm threatening, FURRR 911 brought Noodle into their care.  

Now Noodle is a 4½ year old, happy, healthy, and incredibly well-adjusted love-bug of a cat.  And because of his resilience and grace, he has a worldwide following on Facebook.  

As FURRR 911’s first Ambassador cat, he shows people that "special needs" cats are playful, clever, loving, and highly adaptable.  They are very special indeed!